why working conditions in International Organizations are so bad

In a brand new article in IOLR, the legal adviser of NATO explains why bad working conditions are necessary for their functioning. Worth read for all those eager to pursue a career in this field:

„the notion of precarious employment within international organizations is inherent in their evolving nature and, therefore, necessary for the survival of international organizations.
[…] We have seen that many international organizations’ employment practices are very similar, and that they often provide only relative, non-permanent employment guarantees. However, these apparently negative practices seem to benefit the overall functioning of these institutions. Nevertheless, the pursuit of precarious employment practices affects one of the core elements of international organizations’ esprit de corps — loyalty. The pernicious effects of weak or non-existent allegiance among international staff members create vulnerabilities for international organizations, which may reach the point that the relevant organization’s constitutional
objectives cannot be met.“

Andrés Muñoz Mosquera, ‚On the Notion of Precarious Employment in International Organizations‘ 11  International Organizations Law Review (2014), 294-317

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