Samuel Moyn, Human Rights and the Uses of History; Samuel Moyn, Nigel Eltringham, Genocide Never Sleeps; Samantha Power, The Education of an Idealist; Leon Panetta, Worthy Fights; Michael Lüders, Armageddon im Orient; Michael Lüders, Die den Sturm ernten; Yuval Noah Harari, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century; Michel Foucault, Der Wille zum Wissen.

The US and the „Islamic State“

Donald Trump just accused Barack Obama of being the „founder of ISIS“ while calling Hillary Clinton its „co-founder.“ Although he did not go into detail, his remarks once again highlight the need to revisit the US‘ role in the region in general and the rise of the „Islamic State“ in particular. Unfortunately, Trump’s remarks are not completely off the mark.

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