Wer hat Angst vor John Bolton?

Trumps Bestellung von John Bolton als Nachfolger von HR McMaster sorgt für Unruhe. Mit gutem Grund. Eine kleine Auflistung zur Person John Bolton.


„The inconvenient truth is that only military action like Israel’s 1981 attack on Saddam Hussein’s Osirak reactor in Iraq or its 2007 destruction of a Syrian reactor, designed and built by North Korea, can accomplish what is required. Time is terribly short, but a strike can still succeed.“

If asked, „Does international law trump national constitutions?,“ most international lawyers would say, „Of course!“ Most American citizens would emphatically disagree, however. We should be unashamed, unapologetic, uncompromising American constitutional hegemonists. International law is not superior to, and does not trump, the Constitution. The rest of the world may not like that approach, but abandoning it is the first step to abandoning the United States of America. International law is not law; it is a series of political and moral arrangements that stand or fall on their own merits, and anything else is simply theology and superstition masquerading as law.


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