Syria’s 30 Years War and Trumpish isolationism

Trump’s decision to pull US troops out of Syria will obviously change the political landscape in the Middle East. There are still countless actors left however (Russia, Iran, Turkey, Israel, the Kurds, Hisbollah, and a potential resurgence of the „Islamic State“) – if it wasn’t that devastating, one would feel as if a new season Game of Thrones had just begun.

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Syria: The spiral of violence continues

No surprising news from Syria; as BBC reports, the Russian involvement has in turn led to an increased level of Saudi assistance to the „Rebels“ under attack while the US has just delivered 50 tons of ammunition. Once again, interventionism from one side leading to a reaction from the other. Small wonder that a peaceful solution to the conflict in Syria is nowhere in sight. Once again: This is a proxy war between Iran/Russia and Saudi Arabia/Qatar/the US and its allies. No side is putting enough effort into the conflict to end it decisively, but enough to keep it going.
Relatedly, the New York Times has published some useful maps on the impact and locations of the Russian airstrikes.