13. Juli 1995: Das Massaker von Srebrenica

Am heutigen Datum wurden mehrere tausend muslimische Männer und Jungen von der Armee der Republika Srpska getötet. Der IGH und der ICTY haben dieses Massaker als Genozid eingestuft.

Srebrenica und Umgebung, 13. Juli 1995: Mehrere Tausend muslimische Männer und Jungen werden von der „Armee der Republika Srpska“ (VRS, für Vojska Republike Srpske) getötet.

Der Strafgerichtshof für das ehemalige Jugoslawien hat sich damit under anderem im Krstic-Fall befasst:

The gravity of genocide is reflected in the stringent requirements which must be satisfied before this conviction is imposed. These requirements – the demanding proof of specific intent and the showing that the group was targeted for destruction in its entirety or in substantial part – guard against a danger that convictions for this crime will be imposed lightly. Where these requirements are satisfied, however, the law must not shy away from referring to the crime committed by its proper name. By seeking to eliminate a part of the Bosnian Muslims, the Bosnian Serb forces committed genocide. They targeted for extinction the forty thousand Bosnian Muslims living in Srebrenica, a group which was emblematic of the Bosnian Muslims in general. They stripped all the male Muslim prisoners, military and civilian, elderly and young, of their personal belongings and identification, and deliberately and methodically killed them solely on the basis of their identity. The Bosnian Serb forces were aware, when they embarked on this genocidal venture, that the harm they caused would continue to plague the Bosnian Muslims. The Appeals Chamber states unequivocally that the law condemns, in appropriate terms, the deep and lasting injury inflicted, and calls the massacre at Srebrenica by its proper name: genocide. Those responsible will bear this stigma, and it will serve as a warning to those who may in future contemplate the commission of such a heinous act.

38. In concluding that some members of the VRS Main Staff intended to destroy the Bosnian Muslims of Srebrenica, the Trial Chamber did not depart from the legal requirements for genocide. The Defence appeal on this issue is dismissed.

Der internationale Gerichtshof hat sich bei der Beurteilung dieses Massakers den Ausführungen des ICTY angeschlossen. Der Kontrast zwischen solchen Geschehnissen und ihrer trockenen juristischen Einstufung wird mich immer befremden:

The Court sees no reason to disagree with the concordant findings of the Trial Chamber and the Appeals Chamber.

The Court concludes that the acts committed at Srebrenica falling within Article II (a) and (b) of the Convention were committed with the specific intent to destroy in part the group of the Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina as such; and accordingly that these were acts of genocide, committed by members of the VRS in and around Srebrenica from about 13 July 1995.

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